#1 Rolando Balli Former Dell Executive Who pioneered the work from home initiative at Dell. Mindy Garret Former Cisco Executive

Rolando Balli Former Dell Executive


This is a open conversation with Guest Rolando Balli and Mindy Garrett. Rolando pioneered the work from home initiative at Dell that was put into operation 10 years ago. Even now that he is not with Dell anymore he still receives praise for his work that at the time had very little data to support. We will get into the weeds on that effort and how he leveraged data that was not in the mainstream and was able to get buy in from upper management and turn Dell into one of the first “remote workforce” in the country. Rolando is also committed to Biophilic design which brings nature to the workplace. He also supports working outside in the fresh air. 

Mindy a former Cisco executive recalls the excitement of working at one of the greatest Technology companies of all time. She will also talk about a recent start up company she Co-founded at the Capital Factory. She too supports working remotely and talks about the culture that made it great to show up to work every day.

We will also talk about the different generations and how that plays into todays workplace

There are a few Easter eggs that I know you will find interesting as well.




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